morocco girl killing video
morocco girl killing video

morocco girl killing video

Rayan4 يناير 2023

morocco girl killing video. Three Moroccan men confessed Thursday to the grisly murder of two Scandinavian backpackers last December, saying they committed the crime after trying and failing to join ISIS (the so-called ISIS).

The bodies of Louisa Vestrager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Oland, 28, from Norway, were found on December 17 near the village of Imlil, a hiking destination in the Atlas Mountains near Marrakesh.

 The three men pledged allegiance to ISIS in a video clip filmed three days before the killing. After their arrest, the authorities described them as “lone wolves” who did not coordinate killing with ISIS.

However, the authorities have arrested 21 other people who say they are related to the three and are facing charges that include forming a criminal gang to commit terrorist acts, encouraging terrorism, and undermining public order.

morocco girl killing video

In a court session in Sale, near Rabat, Abdel Samad Ajoud and Younes Ouziad confessed to attacking and beheading the two women who were staying overnight in a tent in the Atlas Mountains. The third suspect, Rashid Afti, said he filmed the massacre. Egood said the video of the killing was shared with other ISIS sympathizers.

“After we failed to join ISIS, we decided to do jihad at home,” said Nojoud, a 33-year-old father of two from Marrakech who had previously served two years in prison on terrorism charges.

“I regret what happened and am still trying to understand,” he said. The three were arrested at a bus station in Marrakesh four days after the killings. They said they were heading south towards El-Ayoun, but the public prosecutor said they were trying to join jihadist groups in the Sahel across the Algerian border.

morocco girl killing video

The lawyer representing Vestrager Jespersen’s family said the state should pay compensation to her family. The lawyer said that some of the detainees had previously been imprisoned on charges related to terrorism or were known to have attended schools that preach extremist ideas. The Oland family did not hire a lawyer.

State attorney Abdellatif Wehbe described the crime as an “unfortunate isolated act” and said in a statement to Reuters that Morocco was ” Moroccan officials said that about 1,700 Moroccans have joined ISIS in the Middle East.

Compared to other countries in North Africa, Morocco – a popular travel destination for Europeans – is largely immune to militant attacks. The most recent was in April 2011, when 17 people were killed in a restaurant bombing in Marrakesh. In 2017 and 2018, Moroccan authorities said they dismantled 20 armed cells that were planning attacks in the country.

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